About me

Hi there,

I am currently working as a DevOps at Scandic Hotels in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been involved with computers more or less my whole life and professionally since 1998. I did start with programming my first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in 1984. I did study Data, and Telecommunication back in 1996. After that I have been working with IT in a few companies including NasdaqOMX and Tieto as well as doing freelance consulting in my own company.

My competences are mostly within IT infrastructure such as Microsoft OS, Network, IBM iSeries, Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure. I have also been working with CDN solutions including Akamai and Cloudflare. I have also done quite a lot of programming, mostly PHP. I also have knowledge of Linux.

I love the Philippines! My dream is to be able to be to live in the Philippines half the year and the other half in Sweden. To be able to do that I either need to win a few millions in the lotto or have an income from some online business. Winning the lotto I would say is a minimal risk, so the more viable way is the second one.

I am interested in many things like Personal development, Finance, Software development, Travel and Music. My wife was born in the Philippines and we have been able to build a house there with a friend.

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