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I will follow my dream to travel the world

Mats Sjödin dreams
Mats Sjödin
Mats Sjödin

I am 49 years old. It sounds terrible when I say it out loud. I definitely don't feel that old.

I have come to realize that I always have done things that others want me to do. That's who I am, I am a friendly, helpful guy. Then I happen to know a thing or two about computers and internet too. That subject seems very popular to ask questions about. One time a few years back I was so fed up with all questions and services people wanted from me. I really had enough of it.

Nowadays it seems like people either have found someone else to ask or gotten better at Googling themselves. Or is it that maybe internet services have gotten much easier to use? I think the latter. If you sign up for a service nowadays, there's always some 'getting started' article or video showing you step by step what you need to do to get going. And also what to do if you get stuck in some way. Fancy looking videos explaining pedagogically exactly how it's done.

To travel the world, where do I get my income

Travelling the world will definitely not come cheap. I guess renting an apartment somewhere is $1500 a month. Then plane tickets, food, insurance will surely add up quite quickly. I guess travelling the world will not be cheaper than living in Sweden like I am doing now. So let's say I, meaning me and my wife, have to come up with $5000 per month to be able to maintain a descent life. 12 months a year meaning a hefty $60,000 per year. At first I am thinking, how will I be able to come up with that kind of money from online business! Then I realize, well all business more or less is online now. The traditional shopping as we know it, driving to a shopping mall a bit outside of town will cease to exist. Everything will be sold online. And if everything will be sold online, all marketing will also be done online. Businesses trying to make you buy that company's product instead of the competitors product. And of course the companies are willing to spend money on that.

Stay in a new place every month

I think that anything is possible. You just need to set your mind to it, visualize it strong enough. Then your mindset will be 110% focused on doing just that. So I am focusing right now on how I will feel, what I will do when I am in that 'other' country. My plan is to make up a route where the weather is good, meaning no snow and not above 40 Celsius. Also this place must be politically stable and have descent internet connection. And then just go! Italy, California, Portugal, Vietnam, South Africa, Ukraine etc. etc. There are so many places to experience.

What is your dream?

Can I ask, what is your dream? Are you really happy in the situation you are right now? Happy with your job? Happy with the city you live? What plans do you have? When are you going to do those plans? After you retire?

After my both parents passed away at a way too early age, I did realize that life is so short. So we need to learn to do the things that makes us happy. Yes I know, I know... There is that huge BUT... Usually it's But I don't have time, or But I don't have the money. Just for one brief moment, ignore that. Just imagine doing that thing that you always wanted. Travel to Africa, Japan, Switzerland or what ever place you have been dreaming of. It could be a reality, I know it will be for me. I have decided.