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It's important to bring value to my readers

Mats Sjödin
Mats Sjödin 60daychallenge

Producing content is important, I get that. But I quickly learn that quality is really important. Of course, I can sit and write things from the top of my head all day. But without any decent research, it's hard to give readers some value. So what should you focus on, bring value to your readers or produce a lot of content?

To gain some organic web traffic your content needs to be worth sharing. It needs to give value to your readers. If it does, people will share your content with others creating a snowball effect. So keep that in the back of your mind when creating content.

I am not new to the web in any way, I've had personal blogs since the ‘90s. But I have not had the value creation in mind really until recently. I just wrote my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. But now with my 60daychallenge I really need to focus on two things, creating content every day and creating value to you, my reader.

So how do you really find what gives value to readers? Well, I am sure you are good or passionate about something. What do your friends and colleagues ask you about? Maybe it has something to do with the internet, computers or IT in general. Or maybe it's something that is completely different like knitting, painting or cooking? Maybe blogging isn't the best platform for you and your passion either. 

Youtube is an excellent platform for reaching out to an audience. Maybe you are not that comfortable writing, maybe talking to a camera is easier? However, the same rules apply here. You need to be able to provide some value to your viewer, not only talk to spend time. That's how you get subscribers and shares.

What is your best advice on bringing value to viewers and readers? Please comment below.