Cryptocurrency exchanges

So you are interested in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies? But you don’t know where to start? Below I have collected some of the biggest sites to get started.

Coinbase – One of the biggest fiat to crypto exchanges. Use this link to get 10$ worth of Bitcoin.

Binance – The biggest online crypto exchange. Sign up for free! is a major website that have been around for a long time. Buy or sell bitcoin online or in your local community. – The biggest exchange in the Philippines. Use this link to earn 50 PHP.

Some advice

Please remember, even if the websites are large they can fail. Back in february, 2014 there was a large site called Mt.Gox that lost all their bitcoin, almost 750,000 BTC. So please do NOT keep large amounts on any exchange. It might get lost if something happens to that exchange. The exchange might be hacked or going bankrupt, and then your coins would be lost.