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My own 60 day challenge - Post an article every day

Mats Sjödin 60daychallenge

From having read and listened to tons and tons of articles and videos, it's now time to take action. It seems like a good starting point, tomorrow it's the 1'st of November and I've decided to post something every day for the rest of the year 2019. So it's my own 60-day challenge. What then would I like to achieve? I don't think posting one article per day will make me rich and famous. What I am aiming for is to find a routine so I can be comfortable writing and posting content. Finding methods for research and ways to write comfortably.

In some way I need to find my niche, I mean I know what I enjoy reading about. I like IT in general but specifically web development with PHP and Laravel, cryptocurrencies, web performance and cloud in general. Except for IT, I enjoy photography, cooking, driving, travel, and my favorite destination Philippines ❤.

Passive income is another interest of mine. My definition of passive income is to not directly trading time for money. But rather to set up some magic money-making machine. This could be anything from Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping (now this requires some work). Dropshipping ideally would be handled by a virtual assistant to make it completely passive.

Writing articles like this also qualifies as passive I think. You do the work once, and then enjoy the incomes of that later. Ideally, the articles would be about something that I enjoy writing about, something I know a lot about and ideally also having an ever-green content. Evergreen in opposite to short-lived trending content.

What would you recommend me to do? What is working for you? Are you swapping your time for money or are you working smarter? Please let me know in the comments. My 60-day challenge has officially started!

And as usual, please like and share if you enjoy it.