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Vegan diet - What are the benefits and advantages of eating it?

Mats Sjödin
Mats Sjödin healthy

Actually I have been considering eating vegan food for a while. I even made some attempts for it but cutting out the meat was harder than expected. Dairy products however I really have reduced my intake of drastically.

A few days ago I saw the movie Forks over Knives. A great movie about health benefits of eating a Whole foods, Vegan diet. The movie showed evidence of how the western diet with meat and dairy products have a bad impact on our health. Eating meat and other animal based protein such as milk, cheese and egg increases the risk of clogged up blood vessels. This can lead to heart disease or cardiac arrest. If you haven't seen this movie I do recommend you to do that! Have you seen it? Please give your comments below.

Another show I watched

A few months back I did watch another program that caught my attention too. I think it was a BBC production with the M.D. Michael Mosley that looked closer on aging and the causes behind diseases that kill us. He did then visit some people in California that because of their religion only eat vegan food. The man he interviewed was a bit over 90 years and had just recently stopped working as a surgeon. Very impressive!

Vegan diet recipes, I need help

However I am totally new on a vegan diet and I want to learn more. So if you have any good vegan recipe website I would really appreciate if you could comment below or send me using the contact page. Usually I just eat a salad for my lunch and that could become very boring eventually I guess. So I need some inspiration!

I do have Diabetes type 1 since more than 10 years. I have seen some benefits from when I stayed in the Philippines for a longer time. There I tend to eat more veggies than back in Sweden. So during that time I could reduce my insulin usage drastically. Would it even be possible to cure diabetes with a vegan diet?

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